Eurospec Roofing also install facias, soffits and cappings

Along with installing flat and green roofs we also install gutters, facias, soffits and cappings.

If you have a requirement for facias, soffits and cappings please do not hesitate in contacting us. We will be happy to talk you through our installations and the products we use. You could also fill out or quotation request form with the information of your project. QUOTATION REQUEST & CONTACT

Finish off your new roof with a smart quality finish

We are able to order and install top quality facias, soffits and cappings to finish off your roof with that designer flair.

These architectural elements found along the eaves of your roof do more than just give a finished look and stir visual interest. Here are their other vital functions:
  • They help keep pests and other small animals away from the exterior of your building.
  • The soffit’s small holes help provide air circulation.
  • They conceal ventilation.
  • They keep moisture away.
  • They give your building’s exterior a smoother appearance.


Cappings for walls and roof edges add a smart quality finish too: